A demon lamb in cult clothing hovers over two treasure chests next to a sword.

It’s the glorious game crossover you never knew you needed: Cult of the Lamb meets Don’t Starve Together. And friends, it’s live right now.

A free update to both games, it’s the result of a collaboration between Don’t Starve developer Klei Entertainment and Cult of the Lamb team Massive Monster and Devolver Digital.

We’ve had our eyes on a Crossover with Cult of the Lamb for quite some time. We may have our plates full with our 2023 roadmap but we couldn’t resist the temptation to do a bite-sized crossover for you all,” Klei Entertainment posted on YouTube.

In Cult of the Lamb, there’s a new “Penitence” survival mode, a secret quest that lets you convert Don’t Starve‘s Webber into a follower in your cult, and seven cult decorations themed around The Constant.

In Don’t Starve Together, you’ll be able to find The Crown trinket in wet pouches from the Oasis Lake, which you can then offer to the Antlion for new blueprints. There’s also new items on Klei’s Twitch inspired by Cult of the Lamb.

The updates are free, but perhaps you don’t already have the game? Don’t Starve Together and Cult of the Lamb are now available on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. Nintendo Switch is “currently scheduled to receive this update very soon” according to Klei.


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