If anyone’s ever lived a rich and eventful life, it’s Maurice Chevalier. The man lived through two World Wars, worked in Paris, London, and the US, and performed on stage, in silent films, and in musicals. There was a time when people called him the “most popular Frenchman in the world,” but despite his fame and experiences, Chevalier was never truly happy. So what did he achieve, and why wasn’t it enough? Let’s shine a light on the past and see for ourselves.

1. He Had A Difficult Beginning

Chevalier’s problems started right from the get-go. Born Maurice Auguste in 1888 to a painter dad and lacemaker mom, he was the youngest of three sons. For Chevalier, it was pain and misery right from the start. His dad had a drinking problem and abandoned the family when he was just eight. The boys had to rely on their mother to care for them, which she tried her best to do—until a devastating development.

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