There are some rogues throughout history whose legacies are particularly divisive. Some despise them, others idolize them. Francis Drake was one of those rogues; he was a man born for the sea, which is where he completed his most legendary exploits. Drake was a sea captain who indulged in both privateering for the English and exploring the globe in their name as well. Of course, England’s enemies, particularly the Spanish, grew to loathe Drake for the former actions, considering him a despicable pirate. So what exactly made up Drake’s life? How did he come to be so loved and hated at the same time? What exactly where his accomplishments? Find out more below!

1. How Old Are You?

Even to this day, we have no idea when Drake was born. Guesses on his birth year (based on artifacts or historical hearsay) include 1540, 1539, and 1544. What is known is that he was born in Tavistock, England.

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