Diesel loves a good belt. Hot on the heels of the label’s viral belt-skirt, a strip of leather that’s nearly impossible to sit down in, Diesel has introduced several new contenders for best new waist accessory.

For Pre-Fall 2023, creative director Glenn Martens wrapped models’ hips in chunky bands of metallic leather, extra-wide belts — adorned with Diesel’s now-iconic “D” logo, of course — that shine like armor.

The designer also introduced double-wrapped grommet belts, grown-up versions of Hot Topic’s punk-pop wares. (And perhaps a nod to Miu Miu’s escapades in double-belting?)

That’s not all: Martens accessorized low-slung, Y2K-inspired midi skirts with super low-slung skinny belts, more decorative than functional. Of course, Diesel‘s classic B-1DR belt — the sixth hottest product of Q3 2022, according to Lyst — also makes a reappearance, this time accessorized with mini pouches (think cell phone holsters of the early 2000s, but make it high fashion).

Martens’ continued focus on the waist is indicative of a wider industry trend. On the runway and the street, designers and celebrities have embraced statement belts, from Louis Vuitton’s extra-long cinch-ers (worn over bare waists, no less!) to Bella Hadid’s exercise in belt layering.

So forget that designer handbag or those pair of shoes — belts are wrapping themselves around fashion’s finger, setting the stage for a year of waist-down dressing.