Jungkook, the youngest BTS member, certainly doesn’t lack the stylistic flair of his elders. As the newly-crowned solo star demonstrated while out in New York on November 8, Jungkook has an innate grasp of high-low style.

Yes, his high-flying performance at Today earlier in the day grabbed headlines, and not undeservingly. Jungkook’s stage presence has been honed to razor-sharp perfection and his adoring fans ate it up, sparkly suit included.

But the main style event, in my book, was the entirely unbothered outfit that Jungkook later wore to Sirius XM; even more than the on-stage look, this is merely another perfect example of Jungkook’s excellent off-duty style.

I like especially that there’s a throughline between Jungkook’s onstage and in-person outfits.

Both times he wore a blazer and both times he toyed with the conventions of tailoring; the former going high-vis with sparkles and the latter upsetting the notion of “flattering” menswear with an elegantly oversized jacket.

Worn over a ringer T-shirt, pooling indigo denim jeans, and crisp black leather shoes, Jungkook’s blazer was the main event but it wasn’t a statement piece slapped on top of an existing look.

Instead, its boxy fit informed a pleasant contrast against the flowing jeans and retro tee, the contemporary menswear turn emphasized by a delicately thin necklace that further played off the blazer’s hugeness.

Jungkook’s outfit was fairly simple, sure, but it was clearly assembled with intent, each element purposely playing off the other in a show of studied ease. That’s the Jungkook difference.

With how poised the BTS boys are in their professional lives, it’s always refreshing to see how they dress themselves on their own time. Sure, they’ve likely still got stylists guiding their wardrobes but it’s not like Jungkook or Jimin have zero say in what they wear to more casual events.

What’s especially interesting is that Jungkook, who’s the only BTS members to broadly shy away from luxury endorsements in favor of Calvin Klein alone, is more likely to be seen wearing a broader array of designers and clothing styles. Because he isn’t a fashion house ambassador, he isn’t locked into any single label and can dress as he pleases.

Thus, Jungkook is a true stylistic chameleon capable of flitting between stylistic cues as he deems fit. The only thing that can stop him is his imagination: dude is way too good-looking to ever miss the mark.

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