Working the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant may be a mundane job but there’s never a dull moment for the people who work there. That may sound like a counterintuitive sentence, but the stories pulled from a Reddit thread and put in the list down below will help prove otherwise. See, one minute a drive-thru employee is taking a routine order from a customer and the next minute that customer is pulling up to the window with an alpaca in the backseat, or their engine on fire. Some of these moments can be funny and lighthearted or so terrifying they scar the employee for life, but all of them will be entertaining for the reader!

1. Hang In There

A woman came through with no passenger side seat. It had been pulled out, and in its place hung a giant metal ring with an enormous Cockatoo sitting on it. The Cockatoo was freaking out too when she pulled up.


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