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It’s been far too long since our last visit to good ol’ Westeros, but the wait is nearly over.

In roughly a month’s time, HBO launches House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel set 200 years before events of A Song of Ice and Fire during the Targaryen civil war.

So what better way to kill time until then than by genning up on your High Valyrian?

For anyone who’s memory is a little foggy, High Valyrian is the ancient language of the Valyrian people, the once-dominant civilisation in George R. R. Martin’s fictional universe. Language-learning app Duolingo already has a High Valyrian course, but to coincide with the release of House of the Dragon they’re adding 150 new words, per The Verge.

Linguist David Peterson, who worked on the languages in Game of Thrones, has partnered with Duolingo to add the additional words — which will likely come in handy for House of the Dragon, as the show apparently has quite a bit more High Valyrian than just your average “Valar Morgulis”.

Get started now and you might not even have to have the subtitles on.


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