They say you should never let your clothes wear you, but when it comes to Emily Ratajkowski’s giant hats, that might not be possible. In New York City these days, the wind is mighty chilly, which is why Ratajkowski pulled out the biggest, fuzziest hat she could possibly find for a stroll in the city with a friend.  

On November 13, EmRata headed out in a simple pair of dark wash jeans, a button up leather jacket, her typical cool girl sneakers, and a plush hat that looks sort of like a gigantic mushroom sitting atop of her head. To be honest, only someone as effortlessly cool as the High Low podcast host could pull off a hat that, well… huge. And furry to boot!

Well, not the only person. The by London hatmaker Emma Brewin, who specializes in oversized, faux fur headwear for the stars. Ratajkowski has been spotted over the years in similar styles, though not any headgear nearly as large and fuzzy as this particular number she pulled out over the weekend.

Brewin’s enormous lids are also a hit with famous folks like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Dua Lip, Bella Hadid, and Nicki MInaj, who’ve all been spotted wearing the Kent-based designer’s hats over the past few seasons.

Ratajkowski seems to prefer Brewin’s hats for winter. She perched a fuzzy black iteration of the same hat, and a cheetah print bucket hat by the same designer, back in 2021 while on tour in the UK for her memoir My Body, which very well might be when she first discovered the designer.

Then again, EmRata’s headwear game is as thoughtful as the rest of her wardrobe. In fact, she’s sort of always one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to headwear, both high and low. Remember when she had us all pining for a Brixton Kayla newsboy cap in 2017? Or when she was enveloped in the largest straw hat the world had seen at that point back in 2018 while on a trip to Greece?

Even if it’s just a baseball cap, like the one she wore just a day before donning the fuzzy mushroom hat, EmRata always knows how to make a hat look cool, especially next to her friend who could only wrangle a yellow beanie out of her closet (someone should check on them). 

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