Many busy parents are happy to merely get out of the house without kids in tow, but A$AP Rocky and Rihanna are not your average parents. Not only do Ri and Rocky take babies RZA and Riot Rose out with them all the time but the whole family even coordinates their designer outfits. Their 2023 holiday vacation in Aspen, Colorado was no different, and why should it be? 

Having two babies under two years old has clearly not taken a toll on Rihanna and Rocky’s style, as evidenced by their family outing to Aspen on December 29.

Rihanna’s look was deceivingly simple: cream Prada blazer, grey hoodie, matching jeans, and suspiciously familiar boots all worn with lovely long braids, a baggy outfit not dissimilar from her partner’s off-duty looks.

But, speaking of A$AP Rocky, you already know that the most stylish dude alive wasn’t pulling up to the function dressed like any ol’ ski dad.

A$AP Rocky & Rihanna seen in Aspen on a ski trip wearing Bottega Veneta boots with their two sonsBackgrid, Press

Rocky burst out of the SUV with an unmissable cow-printed coat, $11,000 Bottega Veneta silver leather pants, a grey hoodie to match Rihanna (cute), and a pair of Bottega’s Haddock boots. If they look familiar, it’s because Rocky basically introduced them to the world. And, oh yeah, Rihanna’s wearing the same pair (very cute).

It’s a refreshingly flashy return to form for Rocky, who’s been not-so-subtly dabbling in dad-style since RZA’s birth in 2022. Instead, he now looks ready to party. 

Appropriately, the couple’s kids were also dripping in style. Nearly 2-year-old RZA wore a cute herringbone wool coat over a preppy winter sweater, collared shirt, khakis, and Gucci socks. Who needs shoes, anyways? Unless Bottega makes those boots in baby sizes…

A$AP Rocky & Rihanna seen in Aspen on a ski trip wearing Bottega Veneta boots with their two sonsBackgrid, Press

His little brother, 4-month-old Riot Rose, was equally fashionable in a Christmas-y Gucci cardigan and jeans with little moccasin booties and beanie with suitably tiny ear flaps.

Much to unpack here, from the his ‘n hers Bottega boots to the baby-sized Gucci but no matter how you slice it, Rocky and Rihanna are clearly operating at peak fashion.

Ri and Rocky have perfected the art of the family ‘fit. Instead of four identical ugly Christmas sweaters, every piece of clothing is a statement piece worthy of showing off, accented by accessories that better pair the parents and children.

Ri and Rocky also innately know how to stay on top of their personal lives. Even as new parents, these two are still going out, living their lives, and, obviously, showing up with some of the world’s wildest (and best) outfits.

You often hear the common refrain from new parents: getting dressed or having any fun at all when dealing with newborns is a feat unto itself. But these two are all but unstoppable (having nannies probably helps).

During their year-end trip to Aspen, for instance, Rocky hit the slopes in one badass snowsuit after another — Prada Sport, custom PUMA x F1 — while Rihanna stopped by the Revolve & FWRD pop-up, posed with Kyle Richards at influencer-packed hat store Kemo Sabe, and took smiley pics with fans. 

Call it aspirational, call it par for the course but Rocky and Rihanna refuse to give in to the stylistic pitfalls of parenthood.

As we enter 2024, let these year-end looks serve as a reminder that it ain’t just Rocky and Rihanna at peak fashion — their kids are utterly dressin’ too.

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