Kendall Jenner is trying to tell us something and it’s all about dressing right for any occasion. When going through a breakup, we wear fur. When out for a shopping trip with friends, we go quiet luxury with a Pheobe Philo caped leather jacket.

When we do Pilates, it’s subtly cool Nike sneakers or nothing. 

Kendall’s streetstyle has been noticeably on point as of recently, and even this Pilates look is just super easygoing and on-trend.

Kendall wore don’t-look-at-me shades, a quarter-zip fleece pullover, black leggings, and big white workout socks to a round of hot Pilates, but it was her sneakers that made the whole workout outfit level up to appreciably simple flex.

While all of her pilates peers slide around in UGG mules, Kendall’s rocking Nike x Stüssy Air Zoom Spiridon Kukini shoes.

The slip-on sneakers resell for just over $600, and with the hint of red detail on the inners and the black caged Air Max Zoom heel, the kicks are understated enough for Pilates but still enough of a flex for an A-list model on her downtime. 

Kendall Jenner leaves pilates wearing a black top, black leggings and Nike sneakersBackgrid, Press

Kendall is a longtime devotee of a good Pilates workout, usually opting for the most basic leggings and crop tops with a snazzed-up sneaker like the Stussy Kukinis.

She seems partial to an Air Max silhouette as much as she is a great collab.

Around this very same time last year, Kendall wore a variation on her standard pilates outfit — black sweater, black leggings, tall socks — with a pair of Nike Zoom Spiridon Cage 2s in silver with ssimilar red and black details. 

Kendall Jenner leaves pilates wearing a black top, black leggings and Nike sneakersBackgrid, Press

To an untrained eye, they’re pretty similar in silhouette and colorways but they’re different enough sneakers that achieve a similar vibe: early-‘90s fitness vibes with a dash of contemporary streetwear.

The white socks over Kendall’s leggings paired with the sneakers only reinforce the jazzercise feel of her workout fits.

Kendall and friends like Hailey Bieber might take classes with the super hip hot Pilates founder Shannon Nadj, but Kendall’s workout looks scream Susan Powter in all the best ways.

And it seems the trick really lies in her designer Air Max shoes.

Kendall’s impressively understated Pilates looks only reiterate the fact that her day-to-day streetstyle outfits are that much more superior to her runway looks.

And no hate to Kendall’s catwalk steeze, for what it’s worth — sometimes you just gotta grimace ‘cuz that’s what the designer asks for — but she perpetually outdresses herself when she’s just running errands.

It’s all about the unaffected sense of ease that she channels with the clothes that’s made much more intentional by the IYKYK sneakers. A dash of taste to make the big picture click that much more clearly.

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