Even demonic dolls go to heaven — well, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, that is.

Heaven tapped the star of the campy-horror film M3GAN for its latest campaign. As she stared into the camera with those creepy, icy blue eyes, the life-sized doll flexed the label’s sold-out “Gold Help Me” zip-up hoodie and platform boots.

To paraphrase the America’s Next Top model meme, this M3GAN moment is quite “legendaric,” to the say the least.


M3GAN made quite the introduction last year in October, courtesy of the film’s official trailer, which revealed her viral pre-kill dance number.

The murder-doll instantly became a pop culture sensation, prompting endless memes, TikTok dance recreations, and even inspiring Halloween costumes  — and the movie wasn’t even out yet!

She not only dances before ending your life, but she sings too, turning SIA’s hit “Titanium” into a murder-doll bop in the film.

Following the first film’s success — it racked up $173.4 million at the box office with a budget of $12 million — M3GAN is already scheduled to return to the big screen for the sequel (set to premiere in January 2025).

It may be a long wait till some more M3GAN screen time. But with the popular hell-doll modeling for Marc Jacobs’ Heaven line, I have a feeling we won’t be without M3GAN content altogether. In short, this might be the start of more brand linkups.

Cheers to M3GAN’s fashion girl era!