It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. YEEZYs everywhere you go.

YEEZY Day is among us. And for Ye fans, it probably does feel like the holidays. Kanye caroling, anyone?

Nonetheless, Ye’s been pretty busy lately with getting YEEZY GAP consolation from Demna, waiting for Ubers, molding North West into a fashion icon, and working on a foam car.

Now, the boot-toting creative shifts focus back to YEEZY-adidas biz with the commencement of YEEZY Day 2022.

In preparation for YEEZY Day 2022, I’m answering burning questions about this year’s YEEZY celebration, from the drop list to the stockists.

For one, it’s not Ye’s birthday. Mr. Kanye West was born on June 8, making him a fellow Gemini (makes sense).

YEEZY Day usually takes place in August. Though the annual holiday doesn’t necessarily honor the day Ye was brought into the world, it does celebrate all things YEEZY. Well, YEEZY x adidas, that is.

Kicking off in 2019, YEEZY Day flips the birdie to Nike’s Air Max Day, with more drops and fewer Swooshes (more like none).

The now-recurring sneaker holiday sees shock drops, entirely new drops, and sometimes even re-releases of YEEZY adidas footwear. With Ye’s impulsive Gemini ways, even his A1-day-one fans never know what to expect on the release lineup.

Like every year, YEEZY Day is scheduled to take place on August 2 and 3 in North America, Europe, and China.

Japanese and Korean Ye loyals will get their first-ever chance to participate in the YEEZY Day festivities as the drop will also be up for grabs in those countries.

After seven restocks, why stop now?

Yes, the once-unpopular YEEZY Boost 700 “Wave Runner” is expected to restock again. Though, the colorway was just re-re-issued in March 2022.

Kanye wasn’t lying about his “YEEZYs for everyone” agenda.

While a heap of YEEZY Boost 350 V2 colorways is expected to drop on YEEZY Day, Kim Kardashian‘s cousin — who recently asked Ye for sneakers during his TikTok war with Kardashian — will not get their Belugas.

Of course, more YEEZY Boost 700s, Boost 700 V3s, Foam Runners, and the so-called “jail slides” are also expected to accompany the rollout.

Naturally, the YEEZY Boost 350 “Turtle Dove,” YEEZY Boost 450 “Utility Black,” YEEZY KNIT RNR “Fade Azure” round off the YEEZY DAY releases, ranking high on everyone’s wishlist.

In addition to dropping on adidas’ CONFIRMED app, the YEEZY Day offering will also drop on YEEZY Supply’s online store, not YZYSPLY stores (they don’t exist…yet).

At least, we can take L’s in the comfort of our beds rather than in the middle of Times Square or dumpsters.

There’s really no straight answer to this. So, I’ll go with yes and no.

Yes, because Ye publicly called out adidas in June, stating that the brand’s Adilette slide sandal was “a fake YEEZY made by adidas themselves.”

Not to mention, he (sort of) circled back to his former collaborator and adidas rival Nike. On top of saying he “needed” a pair of ISPAs, he even sported the Swoosh footwear in broad daylight.

In the same breath, YEEZYs were still flying off digital shelves and the manufacturer’s conveyor belts.

The answer is also no because, well, YEEZY Day is still in motion. Then again, that doesn’t mean anything.

Known for his chaotic unpredictability, Ye could easily call cancel YEEZY Day just like *that*.

He didn’t hesitate to pull out of 2022 Rolling Loud Miami the week of his scheduled performance. Though, he did show up, strategically flexing his upcoming YEEZY GAP sunglasses during an impromptu performance.

Anywho, so Ye’s relationship with adidas, you ask? The world may never know.

The two are doing fine and going steady (for now), especially with YEEZY Day on the horizon.


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