There was only one thing that Barbara Hutton truly wanted—a Prince to match her unbelievable fortune. However, she soon realized that being an eligible socialite was far more dangerous than she’d ever imagined. As fortune-hunting suitors seduced her into scandal and exploited her inheritance, Barbara fell deeper into depression and addiction. But that wasn’t the worst part.

After decades of ruined dreams, her tragic demise was so chilling—it’s unforgettable.

1. She Came From Money

Although destined to enjoy a life of luxury, Barbara Hutton dodged disaster at every turn. Born in 1912, she was the only child of a very well-connected couple—Franklyn Hutton and Edna Woolworth. However, no amount of money could buy Barbara a happy childhood. Although her father was a masterful businessman, he was also an abysmal family man with an unsettling dark side.

barbara hutton

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