While longtime partner Suki Waterhouse was breaking the news that she was expecting a child with Robert Pattinson, the man himself seemed to be getting his dad wardrobe started early. Maybe it was the expectations of fatherhood, maybe he was just out on a stroll but either way, Robert Pattinson is already dressing like a dad.

On November 19, Robert Pattinson went out for a hike wearing a black baseball cap, sunglasses, white T-shirt, black Under Armour shorts, and plain black walking sneakers, the epitome of a Normal Adult Male outfit.

He was even plugged into wired headphones and not even the high-tech, over-the-ear pair you might expect a well-off celeb to indulge in.

No, Pattinson’s apparently rocking basic plastic earbuds these days, like the kind they give out for free on commercial airplanes. Fitting for Pattinson’s outfit, which looks like something an  American dad might wear while packing up a stroller at the airport before a frazzled family vacation with the new baby. He’s not hiking, he’s practicing! 

To be fair, dadcore isn’t such a stretch for Pattinson. Borderline schlubby looks — complete with big shorts — are his comfort zone, compared to the dapper tailored suits he wears to red carpets.

Little surprise that meme machine Pattinson prefers to avoid buttoned-up looks in real life, though he wears plenty on behalf of major fashion houses.

Last spring, R-Patz was the face of the Dior Spring 2023 campaign, for instance, photographed in couture sweatshirts and sleek pants. Just last month, he appeared in another ad campaign for the brand, modeling gentlemanly sweaters, full denim suits, and over-the-shoulder leather bags.

But Pattinson looks much more at home in the world’s most ordinary clothing. Dad style really isn’t that far from his ordinary style, really, which only ought to make life with a new baby that much easier.

Just need a $5,000 stroller to match those Dior ads, now.

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