Ragnar Lothbrok was the hero of the hit TV show Vikings, but who was this man really? A real person, or a myth created to inspire young men? Legend has it that he was a great Norse warrior who lived in the ninth century. While there is evidence to prove that his sons might have been real historical figures, the fantastic stories about Lothbrok himself are harder to confirm. However, all the stories agree on some things: He was hot-blooded, fearless, and always up for a challenge. Hold on tight as we unleash 50 ferocious facts about this warrior.

1.  Family Tree

Legends claim that Lothbrok was the son of a Swedish King, Sigurd Hring, and a Norwegian princess, Asa. Sigurd was a mythical figure in his own right, a brutal warrior king who overthrew his cruel uncle Harold.

ragnar lothbrok

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