There are moments in our lives when our “fight or flight” response kicks in, and some part of our lizard brain wrests control over us, overriding any semblance of rational thought. Whether this happens in an actual life-threatening scenario, or we just have a very bad feeling, everyone experiences that adrenaline rush sometimes—and it is always, always terrifying.

1. Forest Fiends

In high school, my buddy and I were riding our dirt bikes on the trails that ran around the logging roads in Washington. Thousands and thousands of acres of undeveloped land with just gravel roads and trails. We were on our way back to the truck when we stopped at an intersection to figure out which way to turn. That’s when we saw an eerie sight.

Three dudes in overalls, no shirts, and full-face helmets rode out of the woods on quads. They rode a few slow circles around us, then took off back into the woods. We booked it the heck out of there. Whatever they were guarding, they didn’t want us to see.


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