I’ll be honest: I’m intrigued by Brooklyn Beckham. In fact, I’m obsessed.

Not in that creepy Joe Goldberg kinda way (one for the You heads, there), but more in a jealous kind of way, a way that constantly makes me wonder what it’s like to have a dad that’s considered one of the best English footballers of our generation.

Burdened with the pressure of being real-life Goldenballs’ son (David’s football nickname, FYI), Brooklyn never really looked like following in his dad’s footsteps (despite a few trials), unlike brother Romeo who recently made a move to Brentford FC (albeit their B team).


Instead, the 23 year old — who married Nicola Peltz in April 2023 — took an alternate route, and one that’s seen him become not only an online chef, but a part of the Californian furniture that sees him poignantly meandering around various parts of of of the state enjoying the company of, the now, Mrs Peltz Beckham.

More often than not, there’s little to talk about when it comes to Brooklyn’s style (aside from the time they wore matching outfits and the other time he wore those wild MSCHF sneakers), yet the most recent sighting has 12 year old me absolutely screaming. And I mean, SCREAMING.

Spotted on January 22, Beckham Jr. was captured wearing a shirt that can only be described as a work of modern art: a 2003/04 England jersey adorned with “Beckham” and his iconic “7” on the rear.

Let me put that into perspective for you: we’re talking 03/04 Beckham senior, sarong-wearing Beckham senior, fresh from his move to Real Madrid Beckham senior. Peak Goldenballs at his finest.

It’s a vibe, to say the least, and one that will undoubtedly evoke memories for thousands other than me.

In truth, I can’t believe it’s taken 23 years for Brooklyn to begin emulating his old fella (I know I would’ve done it a lot sooner), but if this is the start of his very own sarong and ponytail phase, I’m fully here for it. Goldenballs v2? Let’s hope.


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