For better or worse, Drake is dressing like ’90s Michael Jordan. Simple as. Them’s the facts. What’s interesting is that this represents at least a little bit of a stylistic upgrade over the usual Drake look.

Drake was seen wearing his Jordan cosplay out late in New York on November 14, where he dined alone at fancy restaurant Torrisi. Perhaps he was merely recreating the Take Care album cover, perhaps he just had a hankering for fancy Italian food but it’s inherently odd that Drake would be out on his lonesome, as he’s usually surrounded by friends or women, sometimes both.

What’s doubly intriguing is that Drake was wearing effectively the same thing he wore the day prior: a coat, baggy grey pants, and leather shoes.

Drake wears a braids, glasses, a grey coat, wide pants & brown bootsBackgrid, Press

This time, the coat was leather and the shoes were black but otherwise we’re talking a one-for-one match in terms of Drake clobber.

I actually like the look overall, as its a step up from his typically slouchy streetwear and the consistency isn’t so strange given that he’s prone to repeating favored clothes but it’s especially striking that Drake’s outfit is channeling something I never thought I’d see again, at least not from Drake.

At first, I was getting ’80s-era Ralph Lauren or Armani from Drake’s new style, what with the slim glasses, thigh-length coats, and textured, if droopy, pants over dressy shoes. But as some helpful Twitter commenters pointed out, Drake is going full-on ’90s Michael Jordan.

From the refrigerator-shaped coats to the gargantuan pants that dribble far beyond the length of the wearer’s leg, Drake is indeed affecting the same joyful sloppiness that His Airness mastered in the off-court outfits he wore during the halcyon days of his Bulls winning streak.

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It’s more than just the huge silhouette tying Drake’s outfit to MJ’s old wardrobe: it’s the leather coat, it’s the tiny little shoes poking out from a mountain of fabric.

There’s also Drake being on his own at the restuarant… perhaps reflective of the own go-my-own-way ‘tude that Jordan displayed on the court. Or maybe that’s a stretch.

Still, I love it. This is a more sophisticated, if untailored, Drake and it retains his fascination with ’90s style without falling into the same fashion pitfalls that Jordan would frequently tumble into.

Like, Drake affects a nice oversized fit in a way that Jordan never achieved — helps that six-foot-tall Drake is a half-foot shorter than MJ — which in turns gives his outfit debonair flow.

He could certainly get the same feel without stepping all over his giant pants but this is Drake we’re talking about. Like Jordan, he does as he pleases.

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