After swiping its Instagram in exchange for some cryptic posts (vaseline, anyone?), JW Anderson finally staged its Fall/Winter 2023 presentation during Milan Fashion Week.

Naturally, familiar faces like White Lotus stars Sabrina Impacciatore and Simona Tabasco joined the audience. Leave it to the cast of HBO’s hit series known for its social satire to find the label that regularly flips fashion’s status quo on its head.

Indeed, the label upheld its reputation for the weird, wonderful, and whimsical, epitomized by pieces like pillow sweaters and skinny trousers sprouting exaggerated loops.

Undie-focused looks were plentiful, from shearling-trim leather briefs to undergarments accessorized with fabric rolls. Is Anderson also prepping JW Anderson for the underwear-first craze?

One look consisted of just jeans and a leather sim card — as used for the show’s invitations — taped to a model’s chest. Meanwhile, leather ensembles with ruffled hems harkened us back to the label’s FW13 days, where similar flouncy concepts hit the runway.

JW Anderson referencing JW Anderson? Classic.

After pigeoncore comes amphibiancore, emphasized through a new frog clutch and those Wellipetss slip-ons.

Additionally, duck Wellipets and sole-less leather boots also accompanied JW Anderson’s FW23 as the collection’s footwear selection.

Following in the footsteps of FW22, the label introduces a fresh batch of trompe l’oeil tees — this time, with macho man prints rather than screaming faces.

Tomato tattoos decorated a few models’ bodies, while others sported hypnotizing swirls on their faces. It was like the David Shannon’s Bad Case of the Stripes but through JW Anderson’s even trippier lens.

It wasn’t all conceptual, though, as there were also a few normal — normal for JW Anderson, that is — pullovers, hoodies, and button-up shirts in the mix.

It’s never a dull moment in the JW Anderson-verse. From fish bowl dresses to genital coin bags, you never know what you’ll get with Mr. Jonathan Anderson, and that keeps the industry tuned in.

Nonetheless, frogcore and pantsless ensembles does it for JW Anderson FW23.