Lil Uzi Vert, the prodigal style iconoclast. Even on the evening of his 27th birthday, Uzi comes correct with outrageous outfits and even more over-the-top flexes: behold his Balenciaga, Maybach, and Bacardi-drenched b-day bash.

On the evening of July 31, Uzi and pals hit Hollywood to ring in his Vert-day, if you will. Uzi and his posse basically shut down the Sunset Strip and took over BOA Steakhouse for a night of utter indulgence.

We can all relate, I’m sure. What, you didn’t claim an entire city block when celebrating your 27th?

Wearing Balenciaga, denim shorts, and big ol’ boots, Uzi looked every part the late millennial style icon.

I must say, though, that a relaxed layering piece over jorts and high-top shoes is hardly the most adventurous thing Uzi has outfitted himself in over the years. Maybe he took a night off for his birthday.

However, I must deduct points for wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt/hoodie/patchwork thing. That’s how you know people are hanging out with Kanye too much. He’s a bad dude, leave his name outta your wardrobe.

Inside, Uzi and crew partied for a few hours and enjoyed a truly massive cake. Er, cakes, plural, because why stop at one enormous confectionary?

The crowning jewel of the photo-printed cake presentation was a legitimately awe-inspiring five-layer cake, piled high with massive slabs that led to a space-y mobile of sorts.

A whole host of bodyguards, hangers-on, Nav, and Uzi’s girlfriend JT — she of City Girls — were part of the crew who transitioned from steakhouse to the PH Day Club, where the birthday boy basked in the reception of a star-struck audience.

But back to JT: she actually came through with the biggest gift of the night, by far.

She treated Uzi, the man who already has everything, to a Mercedes Maybach Sprinter van and motorcycle, which is just a shade nicer than what most of us got when we turned 27.

The rich don’t get less rich, I tell ya.

Having only just issued his Red & White EP in late July, Uzi has plenty to celebrate.

The new record reportedly scored the equivalent of 20k sales in its first seven days, which is respectable enough.

But the real cause for celebration, at least for Uzi heads, is the rare opportunity to see the self-described style icon in the public eye, dripped out in his inimitable duds.

Like I said, though, this is hardly the wildest Uzi ‘fit we’ve seen in the past year.

Given that they’re relatively rare, each one is cause for at least some attention, not least because Uzi has long marched solely to the beat of his own drum, clothes-wise, which makes every public outing an opportunity to glimpse some truly didactic dressing.

Here’s to more Uzi outfits, and crazier ones at that. That’d be a happy Vert-day, for sure.


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