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Gallery Dept. mostly keeps to itself, despite its imposing retail prices and astronomical demand. Seriously, people who love this brand can’t get enough of it but founder Josué Thomas is plenty content to let them come to him, rather than the other way around.

Case in point: Gallery Dept.’s $600 ASICS sneakers. And don’t call it a collab. Or do. I don’t know.

Thing is, there’s nothing out there about these shoes besides the fact that they exist. They surfaced on Gallery Dept.’s website on February 24 and seemingly sold out immediately, despite being basically a normal pair of ASICS simply painted by Josué Thomas.

You can find this identical colorway of ASICS sneakers on ASICS’ website for $150 so up to you to decide whether or not some paint splatters and whited-out logos are worth an extra four bills.

Actually, it’s not up to you: Gallery Dept.’s ASICS are almost entirely sold out on its website, despite launching in a full-size run.

Gallery Dept.’s site refers to these as “GDxASICS” but doesn’t include the shoes in its “collaborations” section nor do they sport any co-branding so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is a series of lightly customized sneakers, rather than a collab.

Which is fine if that’s your thing. Buyer beware and whatnot.

Missed out on your size but still desperate for a pair of Thomas’ painted ASICS? They’re currently reselling for over $2,500.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the rumored Gallery Dept. x Vans collab drops, which is supposed to be in May, according to the same leakers who initially revealed the shoes.

Like I said earlier, Gallery Dept. mostly keeps to itself. However, it recently did a rare bit of publicity for its new LA Rams collaboration, which comprises a few bits of upcycled sportswear.

Not the most exciting Gallery Dept. drop ever but, considering that the brand was supposedly shutting down not that long ago, they’ve gotta fill out Gallery Dept.’s digital shelves somehow.