Apple Watch SE 1 against a light blue background with white, green, and pink circles

Save $130: As of May 15, the first generation Apple Watch SE 1 is on sale at Walmart for $149. That’s a discount of $46%.

Smartwatches are great gadgets for goal-oriented individuals looking to maximize their time and fitness routines. These compact devices are chock full of features you can use for more efficiency. If you’ve been looking for a smartwatch that can help you get more out of your days, then this deal might be for you.

As of May 15, the first generation Apple Watch SE 1 is on sale for only $149 at Walmart. The watch usually costs $279, which means this deal saves you $130, or 46%. The watch features a sturdy 100% recycled aluminum case, an adjustable wristband, and a 40mm screen.

Sync the watch with your phone to take calls and texts from your wristband. Love hiking? Its elevation readings and built-in compass will help you navigate the terrain. The Apple Watch is swim-proof up to 50 meters underwater — perfect for a light swim or outdoor water adventure.

The Apple Watch SE 1 also tracks your yoga, running, dance, and swimming activity for a better understanding of your activity levels. Its heartbeat tracker can also detect any irregular beats as long as you keep your software updated. Use Apple Pay for any tap-to-pay purchase without reaching for your wallet.

At this price, you can bet this deal will attract a lot of attention. Check it out while it lasts.


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