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The sculptural acrylic sets dreamt up by Juan Alvear, better known as Nails by Juan on Instagram, aren’t for the everyday manicure enthusiast. Worn by celebs including Arca, Julia Fox, and Charli XCX, his designs are extra-long and extra-adorned, whether it be with silver spikes, chains, or gemstones.

While his twisting, curling acrylics aren’t exactly practical, Alvear is partnering with Faculty to translate his maximalist vision into nail stickers, optimized for everyday wear.

The artist and beauty brand created a series of silver designs — available at Faculty’s website — encompassing flames, winged hearts, and sparkles, “which represent subconscious affirmations to love yourself and others,” Alvear explained in a press release.

Stick them to your natural nails, or your press-ons — they’ll give any old manicure a magical upgrade. The designs are available on tank tops, too.

Founded by Fenton Jagdeo and Umar ElBably in 2019, Faculty first launched as a nail polish brand marketed to men, establishing itself as an early driver of the male manicure. (Since then, celebrities such as Tyler, the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly have launched nail polish lines.)

Over the past three years, Faculty has expanded to include lifestyle offerings such as hoodies and tote bags. In 2021, it raised $3 million in seed funding led by Estée Lauder Companies, with participation from Maisie Williams and rapper iann dior.

As beauty becomes increasingly unisex (as it should!), Faculty asks: everyone has nails, why not make them look good?


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