Smelling good has never been so effortless with the new Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio EDP.

A reinterpreted scent of its iconic predecessor, the fragrance plays into a more minimalist style this time around from its bottle down to its ingredients, proving that simplicity is the ultimate sense of sophistication this season.

Eco-conceived, refillable, and composed of ingredients sourced with sustainability in mind, Giorgio Armani takes its beloved scent and brings it into the future with a reinvigorated intention.

Inspired by the ocean, and more importantly, man’s relationship with it, the new Giorgio Acqua di Gio EDP draws on themes like sensuality, masculinity, love, and awareness, with its specific ingredients being a natural extension of these ideals. All sustainably or naturally derived, you may pick up on green mandarin, clary sage heart, and patchouli essence.

Additionally, the new Acqua di Gio EDP bottle evokes the balance of architecture and nature, which cuts down quite a bit on resources. Here are the material-saving stats to back it: 43% savings in glass, 22% savings in plastic, 67% savings in metal, and 19% savings in paper use in comparison to its past spray bottles

Wondering if Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio smells as good as it sounds? Us too.

That’s why we invited three trusted artists to try out the cologne for themselves and share thoughts on their personal relationship with nature. Stay tuned for more perspective from Io Tillett Wright, Andrew Matarazzo, and James Acai.


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