The hardest thing about dressing for cold weather is making sure that your outerwear matches the occasion, which is why I’m going to give Bradley Cooper a mini-pass for tossing a puffer jacket over his perfectly good suit, undermining the whole look.

Heading to a screening of new movie Maestro, where he later joined a panel to take questions from a live audience at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, Cooper looked super suave in a brown three-piece suit and slightly less brown suede boots. When he put on glasses for the post-event panel, Cooper gave full-on hot professor vibes. 

His white collar was crisp, the brown shade of his suit totally complemented his features —  I mean, the man is aging well. Cooper has always had a wholesome sense of style, including an affinity for Salomon dad sneakers but I’d venture that this tailored look is right up there with some of his finer red carpet moments.

He looks all grown up — except for the choice of outerwear he chose to put over the suit. With a different outfit, Cooper’s navy blue velour Moncler puffer would be a great choice. It’s a cool jacket, especially with the velvet-style finish.

But the waist length jacket was in stark contrast to the whole brown, professorial look he had going on underneath. In some ways, he looks like a little kid with a too-small coat over their school uniform. 

I feel Bradley’s pain. Beefing up your coat closet takes a lot of hard work but it’s necessary, especially in a city like New York where you have to walk around in the cold a lot more than humans probably should.

Having a wide selection of coats — shapes, weights, and colors — is important, if only so you don’t end up looking like Bradley Cooper did at his MoMA screening. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t have a brown, or even black, wool coat to pull over his suit, but the pictures don’t lie.

I’ll let him slide for now, but hopefully he doesn’t make a habit of slapping on the first jacket he pulls out of his closet on his way out the door. Because now I’m on Bradley Cooper coat watch, me and Gigi.

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