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Well, there goes one of the big “surprises” of Google I/O 2023.

After years of rumors suggesting Google was working on a foldable Pixel phone, the company rather abruptly revealed the device with less than a week to go before the big conference where it’ll be officially announced. In a tweet on Thursday, Google gave us firm proof that the Pixel Fold exists.

It’s just a quick 8-second teaser video, but it shows enough. We can see a phone that looks kind of like you stacked two (thin) Pixel 7s on top of each other, complete with a nearly identical metallic camera bar on the back. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, it’s got a roughly phone-shaped outer display and a roughly tablet-shaped inner display when you unfold it.

It’s fun to joke about Google ruining the surprise, but the truth is there wasn’t much left to ruin thanks to leaks and rumors. Such is life in the world of big tech. Nothing stays secret for long.


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