A screenshot of the Google I/O live stream, the words

Today, Google announced a new service called “Duet AI,” which will enable users to collaborate in real time with AI across the company’s Workspace portfolio of Drive, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Docs, and more.

In Sheets, a sidebar tool labeled “Help me organize” can generate tables based on a prompt. In Slides, a “Help me visualize” tool will generate images from your prompt. Sidekick, which lives in in Docs, can summarize or write for you based on prompts, or create speaker notes for a Slides presentation when you’re crunched for time at work.

Duet AI will begin testing with a select group of users next month before it becomes available to businesses and consumers later this year. With Duet AI, “we can see the true potential of AI as a collaborator,” said WorkspaceVP Aparna Pappu.


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