Homeowners Associations are supposed to keep the peace. Instead, these Karen strongholds just bring petty arguments, crazy drama, and vicious feuds. After these stories, we aren’t going anywhere near an HOA ever again.

1. Koo-Koo Karen

I own a bunch of rentals in a bunch of communities. I’m no stranger to HOAs and court battles. In fact, I have a company attorney on retainer. I just moved into a community and finally bought myself a house I plan to stay in for a while. Well, a Karen recently got elected to the board and she immediately hated me. Why? Well it all started when I requested the following:

1: HOA financial documents—which two months in they have still not produced. 2: A temporary reasonable accommodation after a major surgery. Finally, I asked her husband not to change his oil in the parking lot. She hit back hard. So far I’ve received four notices for: speeding in the parking lot, a political sign (who was an opponent to her political sign in her front yard), a construction noise complaint, and destruction of community property for washing my car with a hose.

So my attorney goes to work on the upcoming fight. My attorney BCCs me on all emails to the association and the management company. I wish I was making the next part up. Karen is so stupid she replied all on an email meant for just the property manager: A few snippets: “I’m going to keep fining him and make his life horrible.” “He is a nightmare and a punk kid with too much money.”

“We are going to drown him in lawyers’ fees and send him the bill until he finally submits to me.” “This is now personal, I’m on a mission to show that punk kid with his parents’ money that I’m president and he will do as I say.” My lawyer called me six times at 10:30 last night and said “check your email.” At 9 am, my attorney sent a cease and desist to the entire board and included a copy of the email.

Mine and his phone have been blowing up non-stop from the four other board members and their attorney trying to just talk. This woman may be the stupidest person on Earth. I honestly cannot wait to see the fallout from this.


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