Having survived The Idol, Lily-Rose Depp is enjoying a well-deserved laid-back summer with girlfriend 070 Shake. Well, not too laid-back: the disparatively stylish duo has been lensed at every one of their dates.

For a brief stretch in late July, it was nothing but Lily-Rose Depp and 070 Shake paparazzi pics, back-to-back.

Seems like a lot to deal with as two young creatives just trying to grab some lunch with their significant other but at least Depp and Shake have the media training to withstand the spotlight.

Anyways, the really interesting takeaway from the couple’s photos is the stark contrast in their outfits.

There’s something inherently appealing about seeing a couple dress with diametrically opposite taste. Perhaps it’s just interesting to see two folks with seemingly incongruous taste together, though I suppose it depends on the strength of the difference.

In the case of Lily-Rose Depp, 24, and 070 Shake, 26, that difference is mighty strong. Witness the looks they wore out to lunch on July 31.

There’s a pleasantly strong contrast between Shake’s workwear inclinations — boxy jacket, baggy jeans, big leather shoes — and Depp’s form-fitting, skin-baring summer look (often abetted with some retro Jean-Paul Gaultier).

That divergence forms the basis of their gently clashing couple’s outfits, which makes for an impressive divide in stylistic taste.

Perhaps the best example came the day prior to the above lunch outing.

Therein, we see 070 Shake in a football jersey, baggy black jeans, and typically chunky black shoes.

In direct opposition to Shake’s outfit, Lily-Rose Depp wears almost nothing at all, besides a barely-there tank top, shorts tiny enough to be underwear, and slide sandals.

Shake and Depp look great in their own separate ways but the disparity in their tastes is made that much clearer when they stand side by side.

Another great example came on July 27, when the duo headed out to dinner in a leather vest paired with jeans (Shake) and a crop top matched to Gaultier skirt and heels (Depp).

This was made abundantly clear during the couple’s recent outings but Shake and Depp have actually embodied this stylistic contrast during the tenure of their relationship, which reportedly began in January 2023.

Neither Shake nor Depp have offered much public comment about said relationship but that’s fine, these recent lunch and dinner dates have spread the word about the pair as much as it’s also provided a perfect example of contrasting couple’s outfits done right.

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