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After a week of gorgeous autumnal sunshine, I think England has finally kissed goodbye to bright days. Hello, short, grey, wet days for which our little island is so fondly known.

But hey, there’s a positive to all this; Fall/Winter dressing! If you still need a retreat to get you feeling fuzzy about layering up, the FW22 installment of Universal Works’ Hotel Deluxe is just what you need.

Looking out the window onto Manchester, all I can see is a foggy grey sky and a peppering of rain that’s refused to cease all morning. Standard procedures for a November in England, most will say.

It’s the kind of weather that gets you deep in a Skyscanner hole. Alternatively, you buckle down the hatches and wrap up with some slick fall dressing, the type that Universal Works has perfected for FW22.

If you’ve sampled UW before, it needs no reintroduction. Its styles are slick, contemporary uniform pieces that you’ll happily wear for days on end. Staples, if you will.

FW22 is no different. Every category has been accounted for with finesse, from Japanese tech twill and Scottish wax cotton parkas to three-piece twill sets and Japanese print cord; the collection is as much globe-trotting as one could desire at this time of year.

A concise selection of wardrobe builders that’s available to shop now, the collection comes to life thanks to its balanced palette of warming and desaturated tones. From deep navy through orange, grey, and green, it shies away from being obnoxiously bold, instead striking gold with clean simplicity.


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