There are an alarming number of people in the world who can’t tell the difference between a regular T-shirt and a Wal-mart uniform—and stories like this are proof. These people were minding their own business when they ended up in wild altercations. The clueless people who accosted them ignored them when they said “I don’t even work here”—but at least they got these ridiculous stories out of it.

1. The Student Becomes The Teacher—Literally

This happened a few days ago. I work as a substitute teacher at various local high schools. I am 24 but I guess I look younger! I was walking through the hall at a school when this angry teacher approached me. He yelled: “Why aren’t you in uniform? And no phones during school”! I thought he was talking to a student, so I ignored him.

Then he goes, “Excuse me, don’t ignore me”. I couldn’t believe what happened next. He snatched my phone out of my hand! I said, “What the heck! Give that back, I’m not a student”. He tells me: “That’s detention for swearing at a teacher. You will get your phone back at the end of the day, but for now you will have to come down to the office and tell the principal about how disrespectful you are being”.

I knew exactly what to do. I just thought it would be way funnier to let him complain to the principal, who I play netball with, and watch his reaction. This teacher was raging. Saying I deserved to be suspended and that students always had their phones out, yadda yadda yadda. The principal and I were just trying not to laugh—before she told him I was a teacher too.

Then I got to say: “Now give me my phone back. Don’t you have a class to teach? Because I do”. I have never seen anyone go so red.


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