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It’s Morbin’ time. Or so I’m told. Jared Leto‘s starring turn in Morbius didn’t inspire much love from critics but it drove fans wild. Or, rather, a weird Morbius meme did.

For some reason, around the time that Morbius released to disappointing box office results in April, this “Morbin’ time” meme began doing the rounds on social media.

“It’s Morbin’ Time” actually began as a joke tweet back in November 2021 but it proved so irresistibly sticky that it became the calling card for ironic Morbius appreciation.

The meme died as quickly as the hype for Morbius, which currently boasts a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but, just like the vampiric Michael Morbius himself, “It’s Morbin’ Time” refused to die.

A few months latest, “It’s Morbin’ Time” was deepfaked into a couple scenes from the Morbius trailer and we were off to the races again.

The meme had spread so far so quickly by June that distributor Sony decided to return Morbius to theaters, where it flopped once again.

It’s safe to say that “It’s Morbin’ Time” will far outlive the movie that inspired it and I don’t even know why. “It’s Morbin’ Time” is the entire meme. Perhaps the sheer clunkiness, the abject awkwardness of the line is what makes it so endearing, but who knows.

When you go on Twitter, it’s Morbin’ time. If you watch Twitch streams, it remains Morbin’ time. If you’re in a particularly juvenille Discord server, it is never not Morbin’ time.

Leto himself was even prompted to respond.

Here we are by the end of July and, yes, it is still Morbin’ time.

Hot Toys has just announced that it’s producing a 1/6 scale rendition of Leto as Dr. Morbius and the comment section of Hot Toys’ Instagram post will surprise no one.

Is a meme worth $260? If so, the Morbius toy can be yours once pre-order for the semi-hand-painted figure ends.

When does pre-order end? Why July 2023 at earliest.

But, you know, it will probably continue being Morbin’ time even next summer.


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