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What’s the Spring/Summer season without ICECREAM? A sweet treat to keep your seasonal wardrobe fresh is precisely what the latest drop from the European arm of the Billionaire Boys Club’s family tree’s Pre-Spring 2023 collection has to offer.

Across both Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM, music has remained an integral part of the brands’ foundations. A natural part of operations, considering the role of Pharrell in bringing both to life, yet one that’s been given particular attention and consistency across the European market.

Instead of following the through line of many of their peers in the streetwear space, BBC and ICECREAM EU have avoided the biggest names in the game, instead opting to align themselves with and aid in the discovery of the rising stars of various city’s statement genres.

In the UK, this has presented itself through Novelist and Sainté, with both artists stepping into the spotlight as the face of a specific drop within the seasonal calendar.

Now, attention turns to Toronto’s homegrown talent in Chxrry 22. Born to Ethiopian immigrants to the city’s Scarborough district, the artist has been carving out her own lane through a beautifully considered blend of R&B and pop, seeing to her quick propelment to the mainstream of Toronto’s famed R&B alumni.

Sporting an assortment of looks from the latest drop of Pre-Spring 2023, the star spotlights ICECREAM EU’s latest arrivals, including a Sherpa Denim set, cow print cardigan, velour track sets, trucker caps, and an assortment of graphic pieces.

There are a fair few products worthy of indulging, each of which is available to browse and buy online now.