Casting couches? Public Scandals? Illegitimate births? If this sounds like the usual modern-day Hollywood story, think again. This is Dorothea Jordan, a comedic actor from over 200 years ago. If you think show business is tough on women now, take a look at Jordan’s long list of heartaches. And speaking of long lists, Jordan managed to have 13 children—all without a single walk down the aisle. And what was the fate of a single woman with a large brood of children? This story just gets sadder and sadder.

1. It Was The “Blandy” Bunch

Dorothea Jordan was born on November 22, 1761 in Waterford City, Ireland. She and her siblings were the product of a relationship between their father and his mistress, Grace Phillips. The father’s name was Francis Bland, and all six children took the name Bland. Likely Dorothea was anxious to get rid of the bland name, but how it happened was absolutely cruel.

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