Confidence is important. It’s hard to get anywhere without it—but what happens when someone has a little too much confidence? Some people think they can handle anything—and eventually, it comes back to bite them. Whether it’s utterly hilarious or absolutely devastating, there are few experiences more satisfying than watching a total jerk get in over their head and pay the price for it.

1. Consider the Source

My dad is a physician and is sometimes called as a professional witness in cases of malpractice. In one memorable case, a family was suing a doctor for something fairly frivolous, and my dad was a witness for the defense. The lawyer representing the family was cross-examining my dad, and brought up a chapter in a medical textbook and asked my dad to read a highlighted paragraph.

He does, and the lawyer says something to the effect of, “So, what you just read means .” My dad confidently replied, “No, it does not mean that.” The lawyer says, “No but if you read xyz, the author clearly states .” Again, my dad says, “No, really, that’s not what the author means.”

The lawyer didn’t know what he was getting himself into. “How do you know that’s not what the author meant?” Dad replies, “Well, because I wrote it.” The judge basically facepalmed while the lawyer mimicked a goldfish and stared at the author’s name on the chapter. Basically the best moment of my dad’s professional life. And yes, the ruling was in the defendant’s favor.


in too deep

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