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They say that familiarity breeds contempt and yet I truly don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing A$AP Rocky and Rihanna’s consistently excellent couple’s outfits. These are two folks who individually dress at a different level than nearly everyone else so put ’em together and sparks are guaranteed.

Normally we give the edge to Rihanna, honestly — no one blends contemporary luxury and street savvy better — but A$AP Rocky very much knows what he’s doing, too. This dude can even make jeans and T-shirts into something special.

On November 13, the new parents hosted another party for Rocky’s whisky brand, Mercer + Prince, and they came dressed to impress as per usual.

Rihanna looked as good as ever, obviously, but Rocky may have stolen the night in a quietly dapper ensemble of today’s top designers.

Think his outfit is just shirt and jeans? Think again!

As usual, A$AP Rocky has curated the best bits of the season, pairing Bottega Veneta’s brilliant trompe l’oeil leather stiped shirt and jeans with beefy derbies of Balenciaga scale.

Can’t see much of his base layer but lets assume it’s the leather tank top (also from Bottega) for the full-set bonus. And, because you can’t wear too much leather, Rocky topped it all with a thick peak lapel blazer in glossy cowhide.

Dadcore who? A$AP Rocky may be a new father but, dressed like a leather daddy (and I mean of the parent variety), his stylistic priorities are clearly still in place.

Then there’s the accessories, a realm in which A$AP Rocky remains top dog. Chunky acetate frames, statement necklace, earrings, coupla rings, and a big ol’ joint. Done deal.

Rocky’s been on a bit of a ‘fit tear as of late, flexing everything from head-to-toe CELINE to a pair of cuban-heeled Gucci loafers and making it all look way too easy in the process.

If anyone could pull off Bottega’s forthcoming intrecciato jeans, it’s Mr. AWGE himself.