Sometimes all it requires is a fresh coat of paint to revamp your living home.  Colours have the power to influence our mood, which makes it all the more important to choose the right colour for out living room since we spend more time there. Blue is rated as the trendiest colour in 2020 closely followed by olive green.

Olive green for living room:

Choosing the shade

Lately many are choosing olive green for their living room since they find blue too conventional. Olive green on the other hand is considered a more interesting choice. It is neither too bold nor intense and goes well with many colours. Olive green makes any room sophisticated yet warm making it a popular choice for living rooms.

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Choosing the shade:

Start by choosing the shade. Olive green is available in various shades. Darker hues generally look classier and work great for modern home. But if you use too much of it, it could make a room which receives insufficient sunlight appear gloomier in which case you can use a more neutral shade that results from combining yellows and greys for a more earthen look.

Ways to use green in living room:

Ways to use green in living room

Here are some top design ideas you could consider using in your home and make the interior stand out:

  • Classy backdrop: Painting the walls with any shade of olive green deflects glare. Darker shades create a mellow mood, which makes the room a perfect den after a tiring day while brighter shades instantly lift your mood and leave you energized. Matte finish goes well with Mediterranean, rustic and farmhouse style homes.
  • Accent walls: If you’d rather take a more colourful approach, choose the room’s focal point. Paint only that part of wall with olive green and use soft neutrals like creamy white, beige, natural wood and brown for other walls to result in a mid-century modern look.
  • Pair with dark colours: Some may feel that combining olive green with soft neutrals is too subtle. Olive green and black create the perfect moody vibe. You can alternatively choose deep purple or navy blue for an ultra-sleek look.
  • Olive green and white: For an airy and comfortable look, pair olive green with crisp white. Add white decorative accents like shelves and table. A neutral colour sofa in white or grey makes the room look ‘complete’.
  • Olive green and bright colours: Breathe life into the room by combining olive green with some on-trend accent bright colour. It goes well with a wide range of bright colours like hot pinks, sunny yellow, dashing red, bright orange etc. 
  • Olive green decor: If you aren’t ready to transform the walls into olive green yet, start by introducing olive green decor pieces – vases, cushions, stools. Have fun with fabrics. Consider using lovely drapes and rugs in olive green.

Create a refreshing vibe in your living room using olive green. Use the above design ideas to design a dashing living room.

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