It’s not always enough just to know the law; sometimes, in order to win a case, lawyers need to flex their intelligence. A Quora user asked for the most ingenious ways lawyers have presented (and won) their cases—and they didn’t disappoint.

1. Private Investigator

A lawyer friend of mine was involved in a divorce case. He represented the wife who wanted custody of her young son.

When they got to trial, the father called a witness who was a private detective. The detective proceeded to testify that he had seen the mother, undressed, in a bar dancing on top of a table.

The detective then introduced into evidence a series of photographs that depicted this. The mother’s lawyer was taken completely by surprise; he asked to take a brief recess, which the Judge allowed.

Out in the hallway, he asked the mother about this incident, and whether or not these photographs were fake. The mother said no, the incident had actually occurred; and she told her lawyer the details of what had actually happened that night. When my friend heard the truth, he just smiled.

Back in court, and back on the record, the mother’s lawyer cross-examined the private detective. It turns out that the private detective had been the one who got her inebriated—he bought her drinks over and over and talked her into drinking them.

In other words, it was a setup.

The mother got custody.

Mark D. Dunn

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