Knowing someone before and after they became internet-famous can be like a night and day experience. One moment someone is your best friend, and the next, they’re obnoxiously pushing you out of the way of a photo for their “fans.” We see them all day on the internet, but what are influencers (or wannabe influencers) like in real life? These people shared their stories of dealing with “influencers in the wild”—and their experiences range from heartbreaking to infuriating to deeply disturbing. Proceed with caution!

1. At The Bottom Of The Food Chain

I have a few friends who are small-time food influencers (30-50k followers) and eating out with them is a nightmare. I have to wait for them to position the food perfectly and then take photos of every dish from every angle before I can even pick up my cutlery. Sometimes if I’m lucky, they’ll involve me in the process and ask me to hold my phone flashlight above a dish.


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