In celebration of its 15th anniversary, INVINCIBLE linked up with Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) for a joint capsule collection.

Fresh off remastering its staples, the workwear label lets the Taiwanese brand have a go at it — reworking Carhartt’s classics, that is. The result? A collaborative offering of apparel and accessories rooted in the “idea of constant evolution and reinvention of time-honored classics,” as the brands put it.

The famed Chore coat kicks off INVINCIBLE x Carhartt’s “Advanced Exploration” collection. INVINCIBLE’s Chore coat arrives with an overall roomier fit than the OG, also borrowing elements from other Carhartt outerwear.

For instance, the coat’s pockets boast button and zipper closures draw cues from the Detroit jacket and Michigan coat’s designs.

Oh, and the collaborative Chore coat also reveals a surprise hood tucked underneath the corduroy collar.

On the other hand, INVINCIBLE also spins the classic Double Knee pant, which surfaces with a looser cut and an elastic waistband for a more comfortable fit, thanks to the streetwear label.

A couple of collaborative tees (long and short sleeves), button-up shirts, hoodies, pullovers, and a bucket hat also comprise the INVINCIBLE and Carhartt WIP offering.

And every piece — Double Knee pants and Chore Coat included — is marked by dual branding where Carhartt’s logo meets the INVINCIBLE tornado motif.

When I look at it, INVINCIBLE and Carhartt WIP are kind of a match made in heaven. The understated palette mirrors the tastes of both labels. Not to mention, INVINCIBLE is no stranger to the utilitarian fashion scene, especially that of American workwear.

It might look like a regular Carhartt collection from afar but upclose details reveal impressive reworks, which perfectly marry the worlds of INVINCIBLE and Carhartt WIP.

Lucky for fans of both brands, the collaborative collection is now available on both INVINCIBLE and Carhartt WIP’s websites and at preferred retailers. While a few items have already sold out in select colorways, a few pieces are still up for grabs.