Leave it to Rihanna to leave the internet in disarray (and spark engagement murmurs) over a TikTok of her feet.

The Barbadian billionaire made her second TikTok, joining last year’s adorable reveal of baby RZA. In the latest, Rihanna struts in a pair of Amina Muaddi x AWGE heels while wearing a 9-Karat toe ring by XIV Karats.

The caption? “Quiet luxury.”


While I’m still trying to figure out if this was shade towards the quiet luxury trend (which is quite loud, if we’re being honest), let’s focus on the things that matter: the fact Rihanna is just casually flexing a diamond on her toe which is reportedly worth $1 million.

Rihanna doesn’t even wear it on her Morton’s toe, or second toe. Nah, she saves her $1M flex for the middle toe — a subtle reminder of her savage ways of giving zero f*%ks. In case you didn’t get the memo with her Y-Project earrings.

In the Tiktok, which now holds over a million views (like the price of her toe jewelry), you’ll also notice a few flashes of white fluff from Rihanna’s outfit — it’s the same iconic Chanel outfit worn ahead of the Met Gala.


While we were hung up on how Rih nailed the theme before the red carpet even opened, gemstone wholesaler Julia Hackman Chafé made a Tiktok, dedicated solely to the Barbadian billionaire’s XIV Karat toe ring (the same jeweler made her bespoke “Mom” diamond ring, by the way).

“When someone asks me what success means, I’m gonna tell them success is not about money, it’s not about health, it’s not about happiness. Success means wearing a 9-karat diamond on your toe and not even caring enough to post about it,” Chafé stated in her video shared on May 1.


25 days later, it appears Rihanna does care enough to post about it. The rumors of celebs (and their teams) watching our videos and reading our tweets just might be true.

A few comments seem to believe the bad gal just quietly announced her engagement to A$AP Rocky by way of her whopping diamond ring icing out her toe.

If true, I can’t say I’d be surprised by this move from the stylish couple who once fictionally (or was it?) said “I do” with custom grills. Not to mention, Rocky’s already got a ring made in Rih’s honor.

If we’ve learned anything from the two’s mic-drop baby announcements (like this year’s Super-Bowl-turned-baby-reveal), it’s that the pair is full of surprises.


At the same time, does this mean Rihanna made toe rings fetch again just in time for summer? I mean, it’s no secret she’s an influential fashion icon (she undoubtedly revolutionized maternity style).

Regardless, I think we have our answer, according to the most liked comment under the bad gal’s Tiktok: “Rihanna rocks a toe ring so I went out and bought a toe ring.”


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