Jay-Z in a bucket hat is how I feel I look when I wear one, when in actual fact I look more like an extra from the 2000 classic Kevin & Perry Go Large.

It’s the same with most things I buy, to be honest. As someone who strongly claims to be uninfluenced by influencers, the amount of gear I cop after seeing them on various celebs in some lame attempt to take parts of their look and make them my own is laughable.

In reality, I’m actually a part of the problem.

That being said (it’s happening again), the way Jay-Z navigates his way around a bucket hat is really whetting the lips.


The rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and all round cool guy, stole the show at Michael Rubin’s July 4th party last month sporting a crisp white bucket hat, and was spotted donning a tie-dye look by Paper Plane the month before.

The East Hampton bucket hat he wore on #Baecation last September sold out completely after it was given Jay-Z’s approval, and is even on Grailed now for $700.

His latest lesson in how to wear a bucket hat came this week when he was seen leaving his New York-based Roc Nation HQ wearing a tasty greeny-yellow number.

The bucket hat has kinda become Jay-Z’s “thing” in recent years, kind of like what the plaster on the cheek was for Nelly, or what terribly bad sunglasses are for Pitbull.

Personally, I’ve always been a little wary of bucket hats. As a British male, it’s easy to get pushed into a deep and dark Oasis corner, or to be thought of as a bucket hat-wearing plastic chair-throwing football hooligan, so I’ve naturally swerved.


But if Jay-Z continues to deliver tutorials on how to wear a bucket hat properly, it be a sign that it’s time for a revisit in the near future. In which case, you can consider me influenced.


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