Jae Tips and Saucony have a good thing going on here. First, the two dropped off one of the best sneaker collabs of 2023. Now, they’re back with not one but two more shoes that need no introduction — or specific occasion to flex them.

Jae Tips’ second Saucony collab involves the Grid Shadow 2, rendered in two satisfying schemes: blue/pink and brown/red. The name of the shoes? “What’s the Occasion?”

Jae Tips’ Grid Shadow 2 sneakers advance the designer’s celebration theme. To be specific, the shoe center around the idea of “getting dressed with the intention of brightening up our world,” as Jae Tips puts it.

“Whether you’re going on a date or to a party, these Grid Shadow 2s are wearable stories that seamlessly merge art and style, allowing you to express the best version of yourself to accompany any occasion – forever,” Jae Tips said. Amen to that.

The word “Forever” naturally graces the toe box, echoing his above statement. At the same time, classic Jae Tips touches like “Savior” messages and his flower motif shine throughout the Saucony sneakers. Oh, and you can’t forget about his love for color. That’s abundant, too.

Jae Tips first teased his Saucony Grid Shadow 2 shoe in June and again in September, revealing what appeared to be three colorways. The pink pair from the previews is absent from the current release line-up.

Jae Tips recently rolled out the other two Grid Shadow 2s at Complex Con and his own platform. The colorful sneakers are now preparing for their launch at retailers — including Saucony — on December 8.

There’s still no word on when or if the third pair will get a wider moment, but two Jae Tip x Saucony sneakers also work. Though, I’m sure fans wouldn’t mind another.

Speaking of another shoe, how about those ProGrid Omni 9s, Mr. Jae Tips?

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