Jason Momoa woke up like this. Donning sleepwear in public always runs the risk of looking sloppy or unintentional, but the actor managed to pull off not one, but two sets of purple sleepwear during promotional appearances for his upcoming film, Slumberland.

Clearly, the movie’s theme informed Momoa’s fashion choices — but his silky ‘fits stood on their own, with or without a sleep-centric movie to promote.

First, the star hit the Los Angeles premiere of Slumberland in a pair of royal purple PJs accented with white trim. An epaulet-shouldered coat (the same one Momoa’s character wears in the film) and a pair of leopard print loafers kept the outfit from looking too casual.

The ‘fit was so good that Momoa wore it again to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he shed his PJs to show off a traditional Hawaiian “malo,” or loincloth.

Momoa’s sartorial roll wasn’t over. He was later photographed leaving the set of the late-night talk show in another slumberous ensemble: an aubergine-colored silk button-down and drape-y silk pants, finished off with those leopard-print kicks.

I’m sensing a burgeoning trend here — as the pandemic continues to render casual dressing more acceptable, will celebrities begin to extend this cozy-first approach to the red carpet?

Last weekend, we saw Billie Eilish and Jessie Rutherford hit the LACMA gala in matching Gucci sleepwear, complete with a monogrammed quilt and silk eye-mask. Momoa’s pajama’ed appearance came just days later.

Two is a coincidence, three is a trend. Who will bring the bedroom to the red carpet next?