Science has come a long way, but even the most skilled doctors are bound to lose patients to unavoidable circumstances. For the people in the stories below, a trip to the other side seemed all but inevitable. Only, it wasn’t. No one knows how they did it, but they survived against all odds. Their doctors took to Reddit to share their miraculous stories of recovery and resilience.

1. Bouncing Baby Boy

I was working in the emergency department when a toddler came in after falling out of a 10-meter window completely unharmed. But that wasn’t the worst part. The sad thing was they were from a rough neighborhood and the mom hadn’t even noticed. Apparently, some neighbors found him, checked him over, and sat with him for half an hour.

When the mom still didn’t show up, they went to find her. The child was admitted overnight, mostly for social reasons, but it’s just amazing how well kids bounce.


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