A couple (Jenna Ortega, Marcello Hernández) has a serious conversation about their relationship outside of the Waffle House.

Jenna Ortega, playing Casey, wants Marcello Hernández, playing Zack, to know being together forever it isn’t her dream — it’s his.

In front of the most accurate and beautiful suburban backdrops, aka, chaos erupting in a Waffle House, Ortega and Hernández have a serious conversation about their relationship on Saturday Night Live. She tells Hernández that she is going to music school in New York City, a move that ostensibly ruins their plans of going to State and returning home to live out their lives forever.

“I want more,” Ortega says. “More than State. More than this town.”

“More than me,” Hernández says.

“Yeah,” Ortega confirms.

All the while, two people in the Waffle House fight over the size of waffles. A dog sits on the counter. Someone starts dancing on the table. The police are called. The officer tases a shirtless man. A kid steals the officer’s gun. Someone lights a roll of toilet paper on fire on the end of a large stick. Which, honestly, is quite normal for a Waffle House past 11 p.m.

Hernández and Ortega hug, ending what is somehow both the most mature and the most lawless high school breakup I’ve seen.