It’s been nearly three years since Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo switched allegiances from Nike to adidas, yet we still await the pair’s first official drop.

Lorenzo, who showcased his debut FoG x adidas collection at the Hollywood Bowl back in April, isn’t doing nothing in the meantime, though. In fact, Lorenzo is overseeing the next adidas x Prada sneaker collaboration, apparently.

In early November, the FoG designer uploaded a handful of enigmatic Prada x adidas images to Instagram with the caption: “… new projects for ‘25 becoming realized….” suggesting a 2025 release, before deleting it less than 24 hours later.

Jerry Lorenzo will oversee adidas' next Prada collaboration.@jerrylorenzo, Press

Seemingly an official confirmation , the post offered a close-up photo of a sneaker insole reading “Prada x adidas by Jerry Lorenzo,” seeming evidence that Lorenzo will be overseeing adidas’ next Prada endeavor.

Hard to imagine what exactly a Prada adidas sneaker overseen by Jerry Lorenzo will look like given that Prada and adidas’ collaborations have focused entirely on ordinary Three Stripes shoes where as FoG and adidas’ Athletics line looks to be selling only new shoe silhouettes.

And by the now-deleted images, it’s safe to say that the centerpiece of Prada x adidas by Jerry Lorenzo will likely be a sneaker, with one of the uploads also showing a futuristic outsole marked by the Italian luxury house’s Linea Rossa detail.

That doesn’t mean that Lorenzo isn’t masterminding adidas x Prada apparel, though.

If Lorenzo’s FOG work to date is anything to go by, I’m also expecting a slew of cozy co-branded athletic wear, sweats, and accessories to go with the Prada x adidas sneakers because, as we know, the designer’s collections tend to be extensive.

It’s been almost three years since Lorenzo arrived at adidas and thus far they’ve still nothing to show for it but the runway appearance and a pop-up in China.

But still, if being on standby for so long ends in two stellar collections – FOG x adidas, adidas x Prada by Jerry Lorenzo – then who am I to complain?


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