Jennifer Lopez may want people to think of her as being humbly “from the block” but it gets harder to remember that with each and every Birkin bag she pulls out. To be fair, at least JLo’s tasteful with it, in a true quiet luxury kinda way.. 

JLo was out for a walk the week of Thanksgiving in Beverly Hills in a pair of thick black librarian glasses, a white collared shirt under a gray sweater over baggy pin-tuck pants that she styled by rolling a chunky cuff into them, tapering the leg atop a pair of white sneakers, all zhooshed up with one of her many (many, many) Hermès Birkin bags dangled from her elbow, croc leather and gold flashing in the sun. 

With her hair tied back in a loose ponytail and tiny gold cuffs in her ears, JLo looked relaxed and chic — wealthy in a tasteful way. The outfit was luxe and indulgent enough (everything just looks so soft!) but plainly elevated to excellence by her mini croc Birkin, a particular Hermès bag that she’s owned since at least 2019 

Lopez has such an arsenal of Birkin bags, including the very exclusive Himalaya, that she must have a dedicated wing in her house to store them. She just has to. Maybe this is why Ben Affleck looks so ragged all the time — he’s just stepping over piles of rare Birkin bags in his closet. First world problems!

While JLo could have paired any of her Hermès bags with this grey and white ensemble, the shiny black finish of the leather gives her neutral grays a little life. Fresh out-the-box sneakers reiterate the outfit’s cleanliness and the way that she cuffed her trousers above them just so accentuates the loose silhouette while also ensuring that she doesn’t look sloppy. 

Even the way that JLo’s collar lays under her sweater has an ease to it that matches the whole laidback, cool-girl vibe. You can take Jenny off the block but you can’t take a girl’s Bronx swagger away from her, even if she is buried in Birkin bags. 

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