Man plugging in electric vehicle charger

SAVE $270: As of March 15, the Woshion Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger is on sale for $180.21 (down from $450.21) at Amazon when you use coupon code 60JVDIC.

If you have an electric vehicle and need a new, reliable way to boost your battery overnight, consider picking up a new electric vehicle charger.

Sure, you could time your trips and plan your battery life around your closest EV charging station, but why do that when you could spend a couple hundred bucks and wake up to a fully-charged car every morning? Or maybe the charger you got when you purchased your car isn’t holding up anymore. You don’t have to pay major retailer replacement prices. Promise. There are other options out there — like this one.

For a limited. time, you can snag the Woshion Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger from Amazon for just $180.21 when you use coupon code 60JVDICW. That’s a $270 savings off its retail price of $450.21!

This fast charger offers an adjustable charging current in a sturdy package. It’s portable, waterproof, and can be installed right in your home or garage using the included wall mount, so you can use it as a standalone unit. You can use its built-in display to schedule charging times, and the charger’s off-peak schedule options help you save money and energy when it’s not in use.

You’ll need to know your home’s voltage level, socket type, and other important information before you purchase, of course, which is standard when buying a home EV charger. But this model, at the top level, is great for EVs from manufacturers like Hyundai, Jeep, BMW, Tesla, Kia, Toyota, and more, ranging from models that use from 8A to 40A charging levels. Should you purchase one for use with a Tesla, be advised that you will need to purchase a special adapter.


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