When Justin Bieber and wife Hailey left a Churchome service in Los Angeles on December 13, they simultaneously redefined the term “church clothes” and possibly revealed SKYLRK, Bieber’s new streetwear brand. Maybe.

It’s all in Justin’s kicks. Though he’s a known fan of Nike and New Balance, Bieber has recently been seen wearing all these strange new sneakers that look like they’re from the future. In fact, they may very well all be from the future: they apparently don’t exist. Yet.

See, there is no Instagram page, website, or other platform for SKYLRK, the brand imprinted under the sole of the shoes that Bieber wore that night.

Justin Bieber wears SKYLRK sneakers, his own sneaker brandBackgrid, Press

Instead, the only thing that turns up is a legal doc outlining the 2022 copyright filing for SKYLRK’s name and logos. It says that SKYLRK has been registered as an apparel brand, namely for sneakers, boots, and casual clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and so on. 

The attorney on record for SKYLRK Holdco, LLC? One Bobby Ghajar, a lawyer at Cooley, who was part of the legal team that advised Hailey Bieber on trademarks for Rhode, her beauty brand. It’s all coming together.

So, Justin Bieber trying to create a sneaker brand? Back in 2018, he did half-seriously announce that Skylark Tylark was an “alter-ego” of his, a strange connection but not an impossible one.

Bieber has also been wearing other styles of mysterious sneakers and slides over the past weeks, fueling the possibility that these are all prototypes for SKYLRK, which could very well be his own brand, one that will eventually encompass more than footwear alone.

It’s also possible that Bieber is operating SKYLRK with Ryan Good, his good pal and the founder of Drew House, another brand that Bieber has happily worn of his own volition and quite often at that.

Justin Bieber wears SKYLRK sneakers, his own sneaker brandBackgrid, Press

All we have, for now, is their outfits. And they’re pretty classic Bieber looks, in that sense.

Both Justin and Hailey wore Balenciaga leather jackets after taking a (sorta, kinda) break from wearing the brand over the past year. Hailey looked sleek in her crop top and long leather coat, while Bieber paired his jacket with wide jeans (embroidered with weed leaves) that sat atop his SKYLRK sneakers.

Ordinary stuff, really, which really makes the SKYLRK situation by far the most interesting element of this entire affair. Maybe this is what Justin’s been working on all year instead of putting out music? 


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